Precious Metals!

Commissioned by Jennifer Stoner Interiors

One of my favorite new clients needed a new dining table.  We looked far and wide for the perfect thing, but it didn’t seem to exist.  So, we decided to create our own.  We designed a dining table base out of iron and had a custom glass top made for it.  I enlisted the help of artist and metal sculpting genius, Maurice Beane.  He took our vision and created the reality. I love the blend of the contemporary shape with the rest of her traditional antiques and furnishings.

Maurice Beane has created some of the most beautiful and intricate pieces of furniture and art out of a variety of metals!  As a designer, I am often called upon to create custom pieces for my client.  I have designed a wide variety of custom upholstered and wood pieces for projects.  I love expanding my custom flexibility to include iron and metal pieces.

Maurice has also created some pretty interesting art installations.  This oversized mobile hangs in the lobby of the Media General headquarters here in Richmond.  I love the play of light and shadows that the mobile creates.

These 12′ x 12′ gates were commissioned by the Visual Arts Center of Richmond.  Maurice designed and executed them to feature six square panels that represent the creative disciplines taught at the center.  They make a stunning welcome!

So, if you find yourself on the unfruitful search for the perfect piece, consider custom!  And consider including  metal crafted by a true artisan!  To learn more about Maurice Beane and view more of his masterpieces, visit




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