JSI Raves: Sarah Rowland Custom Wallpaper and Textiles


This week, I'm happy to introduce you to my very talented friend, Sarah Rowland.  We're raving about her line of custom wallpapers and textiles!

Sarah graduated with a BFA in Communication Arts & Design from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. From Richmond, she headed to Tokyo to work under Tsuneo Taniuchi on the design of a paper sculpture book for a year.

Once back in the states, Sarah worked in-house and freelance as a graphic designer for agencies in Boston, Los Angeles, New York and Richmond. Sarah’s graphic design portfolio includes work for some of the largest companies in the world such as Architectural Digest, Walmart, UPS, PetSmart, Hanes, SAAB, Pacific Bell and Reynolds Metals Company. She also helped launch the magazine 64, a regional arts and culture publication. 

Sarah studied Textile Design and Printmaking at the Royal College of Art in London. Today, she designs textiles from a mid-century ranch house on the banks of the James River in Richmond - a place of river rocks, antebellum architecture, and rich natural beauty that are a constant inspiration to her work.

Sarah has melded her graphic design talent with her love of art and design and created a line of wallpaper and textiles that are unique yet classic with a funky vintage bent. 


Sarah has also been experimenting with printing her designs on some unique textural substrates which creates an entirely different vibe.

Pattern:  Graham

Pattern:  Graham

A perk of working with Sarah ... her ability to customize her patterns to your installation needs!  She can change the scale of the pattern, the colors and the substrate to create a paper that is uniquely yours!  We worked with her to customize her Graham pattern in the home we designed for the 2016 Richmond Homearama.  We changed the background color and printed the pattern in metallic gold.  The result was an elegantly subtle ceiling that perfectly complemented our master bedroom. 

Sarah lives and breathes pattern, color, and the natural world. “I love mother nature and get most of my design ideas from her. She really is the best designer and colorist out there. She also happens to be very generous with her advice!"

Most of all, Sarah loves beauty: Seeing it, experiencing it, creating it, and sharing it with others.  So, we're happy to share Sarah's gift with all of you!  You can visit her online at www.sarahrowland.com or you can purchase her papers and textiles through the Bradley design showrooms.