JSI Faves: Boho Chic Style!

Why do you think the Bohemian style has come back with such a fervor?  I think that this eclectic style has been influenced by the growing global culture that we've experienced over the past decade.  But while this global community has grown, we've been rebounding from a pretty rough recession which drove home design into the safe, neutral territory of greige, gray, and flax linen.    

 Anthropologie Abstract Tropics Kimono

Anthropologie Abstract Tropics Kimono

As always, interior design follows fashion.  Having a teenage daughter, I've witnessed the incredible growth of Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Free People.  And now that look is finally overtaking the interior design business as well with the introduction of the wonderful layered look of Boho Chic.

Furniture and textile designers, manufacturers, and retailers are starting to embrace the vivid colors, layered textures, abstract shapes and retro spunk of bohemian design.  There are elements of natural organic textiles mixed with luxurious velvets and retro prints.  Anthropologie's home section is booming.  I love their bedding, vintage tableware, cabinet hardware and lighting.  

Check out some of these fun Bohemian inspired home furnishings and accessories that we found on the Shop Style website.  Click on any of the images for purchasing information.

This season, we've been inundated with wonderful new Spring and Summer lines of fabrics from several different fabric houses with incredible bohemian influences.  And while it may look like it's a haphazzard melange of random things, there is definitely an art to creating this look.  It's easy to go from boho chic to something that looks like a basement apartment from the 70s.  Let us know if you'd like some help infusing a little bohemian flare into your home!

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