JSI Raves: Barbie Kennedy Designs


One of the vendors from the KBIS 2017 show in Orlando, Florida that I came home raving about was Barbie Kennedy Designs.  Barbie Kennedy is the force behind the custom water jet company that creates beautiful designs using multiple materials including natural wood, metal, mirror and stone.

The company showcases the works of two designers, Barbie Kennedy and Marc Thee.  Barbie is responsible for the Heritage collection and her inspiration comes from her families love and passion for life. Each pattern is named for one of her ancestors and each honors the influence they had on shaping the person she is today.  With mixing wood, metal, mirror and stone these water jet designs represent the traditions that have been developed in family homes for centuries. Inspired by shapes and patterns, this collection brings to life Barbie’s vision that every home should have artful surfaces.

Interior designer, Marc Thee, created The Essence collection to be flexible in color, scale and style to appeal to interior designers, builders and home owners alike. The patterns work for small-scale projects such as backsplashes or fireplaces and large-scale patterns that can be used over an entire wall or floor. Many of the designs work in wet environments and even exterior applications.

All of their designs can be completely customized with a variety of sizes, scale of pattern, mix of materials and colors.  They will also work with you to create your very own design for your project.  The possibilities are endless!

The blend of textures is absolutely incredible and so sophisticated.  Visit them online to see more of their patterns and images of some really great installations - www.barbiekennedydesigns.com

I need this in my life ... or at least in a client's life!  Give us a shout if you want to further explore this line for one of your upcoming projects!