Meet Signature Kitchen Suite - The New Luxury Appliance Brand Raising The Bar!

This has been an eventful Spring with lots of great travel. I’ve recently returned from Napa, California where I visited the Signature Kitchen Suite Experience & Design Center with the Modenus Designhounds.

What an incredible opportunity this was travelling with an influential and talented group of designers and meeting all the brilliant folks behind this impressive new luxury appliance brand. I’ve followed this brand’s rapid rise since first discovering them at the 2017 Orlando KBIS (Kitchen & Bath Industry) show. Signature Kitchen Suite is the fresh built-in kitchen appliances luxury from global home appliance leader LG Electronics, and is committed to innovative thinking, purposeful design, and leading-edge precision.. They have developed innovative and technologically advanced appliances for their ideal consumer … the Technicureans

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This year Signature Kitchen Suite earned multiple honors at KBIS, led by the highly-coveted Gold “Best of KBIS” Award for its industry-first pro range with built-in sous vide modality. This pro-range is the first on the market with built-in sous vide, induction, and gas – all on the cooktop, delivering the ultimate in precision cooking. Once limited to working pros, sous vide is a cooking technique utilizing precise temperature control to deliver consistent, restaurant-quality results. Now, with the industry’s first built-in sous vide range, home chefs can achieve professional-level results capturing their food’s full, true flavor. My husband and I have cooked for several years with a sous vide wand and have become huge proponents of the cooking method. So much so that this past Christmas, everyone in the family got a sous vide wand from us as a gift! Instead of using the wand in a large vat of water taking up space on my countertop, I would love to have the SKS 48” Pro Range with sous vide built right in it! And if you don’t have room for the 48” Pro-Range, consider their award winning 36” range. Innovations like designing the largest capacity steam-assist convection oven have led the SKS 36-inch Dual-Fuel Pro Range to be recognized by two of the industry’s most prestigious award shows: The 2018 IDEA Finalist Award and the highly coveted 2018 Red Dot “Best of the Best” Award – chosen by a global jury of 39 design experts.

While visiting their beautiful new Experience & Design Center, we had a wonderful dinner with Moone Tsai winery. This was our first chance to actually taste the magic of the built-in sous vide with perfectly prepared filet mignon with foie gras. The entire meal was to-die-for and the wines were perfect! I loved the Cabernet Sauvignon Cor Leonis!

Moone Tsai menu.png

The 23,000-square-foot facility’s centerpiece is the high-performance Signature Kitchen Suite-equipped demonstration kitchen, which is one of 20-plus vignettes. On the second day of our visit, we witnessed the 48” Pro Range in action with master chef A.J. Schaller.

Test kitchen.png

With designer Christy Davis’s help, she made a beautiful leek salad with eggs poached in the sous vide. Then John “Nick” Nichols jumped in to assist AJ with the amazing lamb we would later have as the main course for lunch. And last, but certainly not least, Rebecca Reynolds helped AJ with a beautiful creme brulee.

Seriously … look how beautiful these lamb chops were! And did I mention that the 48” Pro Range also has a gas cooktop AND an induction cooktop all on one range? It also has a 30” convection oven along with an 18” steam assist oven. It really does offer the best of all worlds in one range.

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Signature Kitchen Suite has developed a “True to Food” philosophy wholly embodied by their brand and dedication to the Technicurean lifestyle. Check out their True to Food films about the importance of knowing where your food comes from and how it is sourced.

In the first episode of our True to food™ Films, Mark Bittman shows us why being on a first name basis with your local butcher can actually make everything taste better. Learn how to make the best steak using sous vide and finishing it with a nice crust.

Of course, we did manage to have a little fun while we were there! We spent an afternoon at the Culinary Institute of America at Copia enjoying a fabulous lunch and touring The Chuck Williams Culinary Arts Museum. What a great display of beautiful kitchen gadgets and wares!

We then enjoyed a fabulous lunch with you guessed it … more wine!

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So as I sit here putting together this amazing experience in words and photos, lamb chops are currently cooking in my sous vide and it’s time for me to get to the potatoes. You’ll have to come back to learn more about Signature Kitchen Suite’s award winning wine columns and refrigerators. I have so much more to share with you! But for now .. . .

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This post is sponsored by Signature Kitchen Suites, as they paid for my trip with the Modenus Designhounds to Napa. All opinions and commentary are my own.