JSI Faves: American Standard Introduces the Spectra+ Collection At KBIS

As part of the Modenus Blog Tour team, we had the opportunity to dive deep into some terrific new bathing options presented by American Standard, my favorite being their new Spectra+ collection.  Delivering total control over the showering experience, the new Spectra+ collection offers a comprehensive range of products for savvy homeowners to customize their shower space.  The Spectra+Touch showerhead changes spray patterns with a simple touch on the outside ring of the showerhead, making it easy to customize the shower experience, even with wet hands. This pioneering showerhead delivers a luxurious experience with an oversized, multi-function 7-inch showerhead that offers a choice of four 4 spray patterns. 

Taking advanced touch technology one step further, the Spectra+ eTouch showerhead includes a remote control to mount on any shower surface, providing a stylish, ergonomically designed solution for users who have difficulty reaching the showerhead due to age, height or mobility restrictions. The Spectra+ eTouch offers users the option of using the showerhead or the remote to enjoy convenient, one-touch operation for change in spray patterns. Both the showerhead and remote are powered by easily accessible batteries in the units.

I found the Spectra+ Touch showerhead available at Home Depot for $69.98 in the chrome finish and $89.98 in the polished nickel finish.  Click the links below to upgrade your own shower!  Note that I do make a small commission on purchases made through these affiliate links, but the price, service and warranty is the same to you.

The Spectra+ Duo model combines a 9 ½-inch fixed showerhead and 5-inch multi-function hand shower all in one sleek fixture. Designed to deliver a drenching experience through a superior width of water coverage across the user’s body, the Spectra+ Duo shower system offers the widest spray coverage of any two-in-one showerhead on the market. This functional design allows homeowners to enjoy two convenient showering options without breaking any wall tile for remodeling.  I don't know about you, but I have to have a hand held showerhead and I love the versatility of this one!  I may need to update my shower soon!

Spectra+ Duo Showerhead

Spectra+ Duo Showerhead

All multifunction Spectra+ showerheads and hand showers feature four customized spray styles from five luxurious choices, depending on model: Drench, Sensitive, Jet, Massage and PowerWash. They are offered in a standard 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm) model or a WaterSense-certified 1.8 gpm option and feature easy-to-clean spray nozzles to reduce maintenance.

Spectra Spray Patterns.jpg

The versatility of this collection and the ease of installation makes this a really attractive option to quickly update your shower without undertaking a full remodel.  And at the prices it's offered at, it's a great option to offer your guests a little pampering in your guest bathrooms!

Please note: According to FTC rules, I need to disclose that my trip to KBIS was sponsored.    While I did not get paid for my time at KBIS, my hotel, airfare and some meals were covered.  As I write about our sponsors  I wish for you to know that I do not receive any additional monetary compensation for doing so.  And please note, the views expressed in this blog are totally mine! 

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