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Some fun tidbits from Donna …

What is your favorite textile? Velvet and chenille. Anything yummy with a good hand.

If you could have a super power, what would it be? The power to change probability. “There’s a 100 percent chance that …” Imagine the possibilities!

What would your last meal before dying be? Filet Mignon Oscar, garlic mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus and mushrooms, a Caesar salad and an amazing bottle of red zinfandel.

What is your favorite aspect of the design process? When the client catches a glimpse of the potential

What is your guilty pleasure? Red wine next to a great fire

“Check out the window treatments in this Richmond Symphony Orchestra League Designer House featured in Traditional Home Magazine. These may be my favorite window treatments Donna and I ever did together” Jennifer Stoner

To see more of this Show House project and Donna’s sewing genius, click here.

Donna Hazzard - Project Manager (aka The JSI Mom) 

In 2007, Donna opened her own work room and started sewing for Jennifer Stoner and a few other local designers. Much of her sewing prowess can be seen in many of Jennifer’s earlier projects, including those published in Traditional Home Magazine and Home & Design Magazine. As a mother of five, she believes great design should be beautiful, comfortable and built to last. She jokes that she designed her own home in “Early Indestructible. Everything should be mounted into a stud!”

Donna joined Jennifer Stoner Interiors as the office manager / project manager in 2018. Her organizational skills were a breath of fresh air as she whipped our studio into shape. Did I mention she has five kids? She now helps to keep our projects on track and the wheels greased around the studio. Donna is also now offering her organizational skills to our clients on an hourly basis as part of our turn-key service to clients as they’re relocating or undergoing a renovation.

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