Interior Design Consultation

Does your home need a facelift?  Are you ready to update your furnishings or change the use of one of your spaces?  We can assist you on an hourly basis with any of your design projects.  

Architectural Detail Renovations:  

We can assist you with all of your smaller renovations that are not quite up to the level of a full remodel, such as adding architectural moldings, updating fireplace and mantel designs, adding built-in bookcases, or changing or adding tile, etc.  We have a terrific network of contractors, tradespeople and artists who we routinely work with that can help us with all kinds of creative upgrades for your home.

Furniture Inventory and Specification:  

We will develop a space plan and furniture plan for your new home or room that you're focused on and develop a list of furniture pieces needed.  We will then inventory your current furnishings and start our shopping within your home.  For new furniture, we have multiple resources, both locally and outside of Richmond, which we can turn to in order to fulfill your needs.  We travel to trade shows, manufacturers showrooms and design centers around the country on a routine basis and we've developed terrific relationships with a wide variety of vendors.  We also offer a custom furniture solution with hand-made solid wood pieces created specifically for you by our local furniture maker.  

Color consultation:

We will select paint colors, decorative finishes and wallpaper for each are of your home or project. 

Window Treatments and Soft Goods:  

We will specify hard treatments (blinds, shades and/or shutters) to suit your privacy and light dimming needs.  We will also specify any soft window treatments for all windows in your home or project space.  We have a terrific fabric and trim library within our studio with thousands of fabric options to create a style that is uniquely your and a wonderful work room to make our designs come to life.  We can also update your bedding with a large variety of ready-made options and custom fabricated options.

Finishing Touches:  

If your home just needs a little jewelry, we can suggest rugs, artwork and decorative accessories to give your space the personality that it may be missing.  

Extra Fun Stuff:

We are also available to assist with holiday or special event design.  And we love to work on vacation properties or turnkey design projects.  Let us help you find your style and create a home that truly reflects that style! 

How much will it cost?

Give us a call to discuss your project.  We charge for our time on an hourly basis and with a little more information about the scope of your project, we can give you a better idea of a reasonable budget.  Typically, our projects range anywhere from $5000 to $100,000.  I know that's a broad range, but we have a lot of different levels of service to offer.