1. Improves breathing; opens up nasal passages related to symptoms of allergies or viruses
  2. Hot mist helps to promote sinus drainage and loosens bronchial secretions
  3. May provide temporary relief of asthma-type symptoms
  4. Hot mist soothes the throat
  5. Warm mist helps decrease symptoms due to croup
  6. Acts as a natural expectorant
  7. Cleanses the skin and may relieve acne conditions
  8. Opens up pores
  9. Lubricates and hydrates the skin
  10. Rejuvenates and leaves skin with a healthy glow
  11. Shaving in a steam shower is easier
  12. Prepares the skin follicles for easier waxing
  13. Removes toxins from the body
  14. Increases circulation
  15. Helps the body rid itself of excess sodium
  16. May relieve pain and discomfort of arthritis
  17. Rids the body of metabolic and other waste products
  18. Helps with detoxification
  19. Relieves stress and encourages relaxation
  20. Promotes deep, restful sleep
  21. Fosters a sense of well-being
  22. Can help increase the length of REM cycles during sleep
  23. Combining Steam and AromaTherapy (lavender) may promote soothing relief from stress and tension
  24. Combine Steam and MusicTherapy to manage stress
  25. Combine Steam and ChromaTherapy to enhance your mood elevation
  26. Increases blood circulation
  27. Boosts metabolism
  28. Helps to reinvigorate tired muscles
  29. Removes lactic acid from over-worked muscles
  30. Increases muscular flexibility and is great for stretching
  31. On average, burns 150 calories in a 15 minute session at 114 degrees
  32. Uses less than 2 gallons of water for a 1/2 hour steambath
  33. Costs cents to operate and may increase equity of the home
  34. Saves energy by following steam shower with a cold shower