Jennifer Stoner

I Know What It's Like To Be Overwhelmed With The Hundreds Of Design Decisions That Go Into Building Your Dream Home!  Or What It's Like To Have A House Full Of Furniture That Doesn't Feel Like You.


Whether you're building a new home, tackling a renovation or just trying to inject some personality into a room, you can get find yourself frozen in the details and feel like it's impossible to truly translate your soul into your plan of action.  That's what I do for people every single day.  I've been in the design business since 2000 and I've worked on a vast array of projects in terms of scale and style.  After graduating from the University of Florida, I moved with my family to Richmond, Virginia.  I've had projects featured on HGTV and TLC.  I'll fill you in on the back story of the design TV industry over a glass (or two) of wine.  I've been blessed to have projects featured in several publications, including Traditional Home Magazine, Home & Design Magazine, Richmond Magazine and R-Home Magazine, among others.  

My real passion is the new construction or renovation process.  I may have been a contractor in my past life, because I love the feel of plywood sub-floor and the smell of sawdust.  We have an approach to these types of projects called "Conception to Completion" because I want to be a part of your team from the blue-print stage all the way through placing the final piece of fabulous artwork.  I strongly believe that the collaborative efforts of the architect, builder and interior designer leads to your best possible finished product.  

That said, I also love all of the "pretty" part of the project . . . adding the jewelry in the way of window treatments, unique furniture and conversation starting accessories.  I'm known for my love of bold colors, but I also love a serene neutral palette with terrific layers of texture.  My approach is to match your decor to your personal lifestyle and design aesthetic.  Your home should project your personality to everyone who visits and it's my job to guide you to that outcome.