breakfast room with JSI“We are very pleased with Jennifer Stoner’s design of our newly remodeled home. She was thorough, creative, honest with price options and took care of every issue we had. She was able to please all 7 of us in each of our bedrooms and all of us in the main living areas. She was able to create “our style” rather than reproduce designs she had previously created elsewhere. The space we live in is both flexible and beautiful. Above all else, she was masterful in designing a creative and soothing color palette that moved and changed from room to room, so that our more ecclectic furnishings blended well. Excellent at steering us to the more substantial quality anchor pieces. She even designed our chandelier so that the scale would be perfect. We are very happy with her work- the experience was a pleasure.”  L. Petronis, Richmond, VA


“Jennifer helped us in so many ways to create an environment in our new home that really defined our style…A style that we didn’t even know how to define. She worked diligently towards her vision while soliciting feedback from us to make sure that we would be happy with the end result. She was gracious with her time, listened to our ideas, and delivered a final project that surpassed our expectations.”  R. Hobson, Richmond, Va

Jennifer Stoner InteriorsJennifer Stoner interiors is bringing my home to a whole new level. Jennifer took my basic ideas, likes, dislikes and offered me design solutions that fit our taste and our budget. Jennifer and team have a knack for pulling a room together and offering alternatives to choose from. I only wish I had hired her sooner.

E. Pedante-Stone, Glen Allen, VA

I wanted to thank you for the magnificent job you did helping me make selections for our new home. Initially, my husband and I hesitated to build because of the large number of decisions that must be made. Trust me, had I been on my own, it would have been totally overwhelming and I would have been second guessing myself and agonizing over each and every decision. Instead, I found you.

You were so wonderful about working within the time frames that I had and with the contractors my builder had designated. I think the most amazing experience was the two-three hours spent at Costen’s and walking out with selections made for tiles for all the bathrooms, the kitchen backsplash, the hardwood stain and carpeting. And, I felt so happy when I left and I felt even better when they were installed and I loved them! You not only guided me to make wonderful selections but you paid attention to the details that make such a difference, such as how the tiles are laid and other things which I would never have thought of or even known were options.mikuta_kitchen

I also so appreciated your concern with finding things that suited my style and did not try to push me towards something I was not comfortable with. However, I knew I could trust you to tell me – in a kind way – if a direction I was going in just wasn’t going to work with the look I wanted.   You also were careful to give me options that would allow me to stay within my budget. I appreciated that if I felt something was too expensive, you would find several options that I could still love but were in my price range.

And, last but not least, I really enjoyed our time working together. It was fun as well as productive. I LOVE my house and a huge part of the reason I do is your help.

S. Mikuta, Richmond, VA